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Accelerate your growth on Fiverr in just 4 weeks!

It's time to quit the 9 to 5 and be your own boss!

What our students are saying...

Welcome to
Freedom With Fiverr

🚀Accelerate your growth on Fiverr in just 4 weeks! 🚀

Freedom with Fiverr (FWF) is a 4 week, step-by-step course that helps you start & grow your freelancing business using Fiverr.  

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (joining, identifying services to sell, gig creation, SEO strategies, thumbnail tactics, reading analytics, sending proposals, withdrawal, and more) through our detailed 4-module curriculum.
Each week, you’ll be given a new module and a new assignment to complete – and by the end of the 30 days, you’ll have a full system to selling your services on Fiverr.
And if you run into any questions or feel ‘stuck’, we’ve got you. Inside FWF, you will gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our private Facebook group and group coaching video calls with me to help you troubleshoot and make progress in your journey.
And that’s not all…. when you join FWF, you’ll be given a bunch on BONUSES that will help you in your freelancing journey outside Fiverr!We make it pretty hard to fail. 🙂
Freedom with Fiverr is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT & ACTION….

What our students are saying...

MERZIA FATIMA | Student Freelancer
Became a Level 1 Seller in just 2 months!

KIRAN SHAHID | Upwork Freelancer
Earned over $2000 in 2 months!


MASHAL GILLANI | Student Freelancer
200% increase in Fiverr orders inside FWF.




No more guessing and wondering if you’re doing the right things – simply follow our step-by-step blueprint, work hard, ask questions, and watch the magic happen.


When you join FWF, you’ll be given access to 4 modules of curriculum. It’s dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn & implement before going onto the next step.


When you join FWF, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum. Even after the 30 days of community support, the educational modules & resources will be here for you during every step of your journey.


Being a freelancer can be lonely. But when you join the FWF family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded freelancers who you can connect & mastermind with. 


I always strive to make the progress the BEST, hence, if I make any updates in the program, you will get it for absolutely FREE, without any charge to you. 

What our students are saying...

NEHA | Ex-Corporate Employee
Level 2 seller in 3 months, quit her job!

ANUM | Ex-Corporate Employee
Level 2 seller in 3 months, quit her job!


EISHA MEHTAB | Student Freelancer
Earned $250+ in one month!


RAAHIMA| Ex-Corporate Employee
$1000 in her first month on Fiverr

FABAIHA | Ex-Corporate Employee
Overbooked seller

MAHAM | Corporate Employee & Level 2 seller in 3 months

Course Outline


  • Master your mindset and set your income goal before you start learning and working on the platform.
  • Learn my SMART research tactics on how to select the HOT-IN-DEMAND services to sell on Fiverr.
  • Create and optimize your Fiverr profile so it becomes a MAGNET for your future clients.


  • Master the art of keyword research for the services you plan to sell so you can stand out from the crowd
  • Learn my entire SEO strategies to rank higher on Fiverr EVEN as a new seller to attract more clients.
  • Create and optimize all your gigs from scratch to finally start selling your services on Fiverr.


  • Learn how to read your gig analytics effectively so you can update, revise or change features to get more clients
  • Get your first (and next order) by dominating Buyer Requests with exclusive script techniques.
  • Communicate with the buyers and deliver your first order like a pro to keep the buyer coming back to you for more work.


  • Learn how to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr smoothly and easily.
  • Learn the basic but super effective system to manage your orders and earnings from Fiverr
  • Implement advanced strategies to attract more orders on the platform to keep the momentum live.

Freedom With Fiverr | Course Tour

Take an EXCLUSIVE tour of what’s inside the Freedom With Fiverr Course Portal

✅Check out all 4 modules of the Freedom With Fiverr in this course tour.

✅You get lifetime access to this course portal and you can refer back to any lesson whenever you want.


🔔 Limited time offer! 🔔

100+ Fiverr Gig Ideas Pack

Fiverr gig ideas covering all categories including Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Business, Writing, Lifestyle, Video & Audio Editing and more!

Thumbnail Vault ~ 40+ Thumbnail Templates

This vault includes 40+ thumbnail Canva templates to assist you in creating your gigs along with a step by step tutorial. New designs are added every month.

Freelancer Toolkit

A bank of powerful tools to help you in your freelancing journey (even outside Fiverr)

Personalized Bonus Audit

Get access to personalized bonus audit of your Fiverr profile and gigs done by Afreen and take advantage of the recommendations and suggestions given with the bonus audit.

Access to a private community of freelancers

Any questions during and after the program can be asked here – no question will be left unanswered + a great way to network with other freelancers!

Content Writing Masterclass

What the heck is Content Writing? Kiran who was our founding student and expert content writer will walk you through the must-knows of content writing if you wish to polish your expertise further!

Remember: 6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and desire.

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  • 4 Module Coaching Program
  • Access to student-only Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access to course updates
  • Bonus: Content Writing Masterclass
  • Bonus: Pack of 100+ Fiverr Gig Ideas
  • Bonus: Thumbnail Vault
  • Bonus: Freelancer Toolkit
  • Bonus: Personalized Audit

Original Investment: PKR 25,000/

Early Bird: PKR 16,999/-

Instalment: PKR 8500/- ASAP, PKR 8500/- after 10 days

Original Investment: $247

Early Bird: $197

Instalment: $100 ASAP, $97 after 10 days

Enroll today before the price increases!

Here are some of the wins that you can expect when you join the program!


Most frequent questions and answers

The coursework component of the Freedom With Fiverr program is designed to take 4 weeks to complete, but you have options:

Full-timer: 4 week program @ 7-10 hours per week
Part-timer: 7 week program @ 4-7 hours per week

You’ll also have unlimited, lifetime access to the Freedom With Fiverr Program course content, and be automatically upgraded to the latest version whenever we release an upgrade or fresh content.

I get it – you’re a high achiever and figuring things out for yourself has worked out pretty well so far. 

But this is different. Spending hours consuming articles, videos and podcasts trying to patch it all together yourself isn’t the best use of your time.

Plus, there’s no shame in asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you suck, it means you’re going for excellence. The most successful people in the world have coaches. Don’t let your pride be the reason you stay stuck.

Hell no! You just have to invest ONCE and everything that you need will be shared with you.

The course videos are already recorded and are available to you in an online member’s area which you can login from anywhere. Everything is already set up for you when you join 🙂

A few students have got paying clients within a week into the course, some students have gotten after 2 months into the course and some have taken more time. I advise students to start pitching to clients from week #1 itself. Your ability to make money depends only on you. If you are a motivated individual, who will follow the course very closely and implement stuff in it, you will have no problem finding clients.

You can only start with 50% upfront and pay the rest after 10 days. 

For Pakistani Applicants: PKR 8500/- ASAP & PKR 8499/- after 10 days (Total= PKR 16,999/- with no markup)

For International Applicants: $100 ASAP & $97 after 10 days (Total= $197 with no markup)

Original Investment: PKR 25,000/

Early Bird: PKR 16,999/-

Instalment: PKR 8500/- ASAP, PKR 8500/- after 10 days

Original Investment: $247

Early Bird: $197

Instalment: $100 ASAP, $97 after 10 days

Enroll today before the price increases!